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USB 3.0 (aka SuperSpeed USB)
Every day there are new pieces of technology coming out that build upon existing technologies. Building on the USB 2.0 standard, Microsoft, Intel, and others are coming out with a new standard called the USB 3.0 standard. The main drastic improvement is the speed upgrade, which will be a tenfold speed increase. These new devices will use very little power, and will allow for lightning quick transfers of information from computers, to phones, to any other USB enabled gadget.

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. USB devices are used to connect different devices together, such as a computer to a printer, or a computer to a storage device (like flash drives). There are many other applications as well, and USB 3.0 will make these processes even more efficient.

The current specifications for USB 3.0 is that it will have a speed of five gigabits per second with a four gigabits per second raw throughput (compared to the previous USB 2.0 speeds of 480 mbps). This is achieved with something called a Super Speed bus. To exemplify this speed, the USB 3.0 can transmit a twenty five gigabyte file in just over a minute's time.

USB 3.0
One reason for this unprecedented transfer speed is duplex signaling. Just like duplex printers can print on both sides of the paper, duplex signaling means that the wires can connect and communicate in both directions simultaneously. This means that you can actually be reading information and writing information at the same time.

The new USB 3.0 standard is supposed to come out for consumers for purchase starting in 2010, but we've already begun selling accessories to interface USB 3.0 devices with your computer. Some manufacturers may not support this for a while. For example, Intel will not support this until 2011 at the earliest.

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