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Why Update to USB 3.0?
USB 3.0 will be utilizing a new feature called SuperSpeed bus and will allow transfer mode that affords 4.8 gigabits per second of transfer. Translating that into something more practical, you'll be able to transfer up to .6 gigabytes per second. The average movie is 733 megabytes, so you will be theoretically able to transfer a whole movie to an external USB 3.0 drive in a little over a second.

The large bandwidth ability of USB 3.0 will open it up to even more possibilities including streaming video and computer-to-computer networking capabilities.

How Do I Update to USB 3.0?
If you're wanting to upgrade your PC or Mac desktop computer, you'll want to get a PCIe card (aka PCI Express) with USB 3.0 ports. PCI Express is simply a port located near the back of your computer, which you will have to remove the case cover to access. Your computer case also has PCIe slots which allow you to access the USB 3.0 ports after you close your case back up.

Replacing PCIe cards is easy, simply unscrew and open your computer case, find the appropriate slot, slide in your PCIe card using the flat "pins" that will line up with your PCIe slots. Your PCI Express card will fit into any of these types of slots on your motherboard (except the bottom one pictured):


After you replace your case, you will have new USB 3.0 ports. Typically you'll also have to install a driver, especially if you're running a Mac that doesn't initially recognize the new hardware.

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